We mean that quite literally.

Here at Life Lotus,  our mission is to help people bless more people, and as a result we all have an abundance of money, perfect health, are surrounded by love, and experience more happiness! We believe that the more you bless others, the more you'll get blessed. Would you like to be blessed today? Click below under Get Blessed. All paths lead to free blessings! We also offer blessings that allow you to express your gratitude with money, but to sell on Life Lotus, our vendors must agree to bless you for free first! If you would like to bless others and so prosper, click below under Bless Others. You will find opportunities to share blessings with your network and share in the rewards, do quests for real life treasure (also called $ in some circles), and become a vendor on Life Lotus to share your free and paid gifts with the world! Much love, Emrys & Sophia         

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