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Schedule of Events for 2017

(More Event Dates Coming Soon @ NewEarthEvents.com)

San Diego

  • Feb 19, New Earth Expo
  • May 7, Holistic Living Expo
  • Aug 13, Holistic Living Expo
  • Oct 29, Holistic Living Expo


  • Jan 8, Holistic Living Expo
  • Apr 23, New Earth Expo
  • Sep 10, Holistic Living Expo
  • Nov 19, New Earth Expo

Los Angeles

  • Jan 28, New Earth Expo
  • Mar 19, Holistic Living Expo
  • Jun 11, New Earth Expo
  • Aug 27, New Earth Expo
  • Nov 5, Holistic Living Expo


  • Mar 5, New Earth Expo
  • May 21, Holistic Living Expo
  • Jul 9, New Earth Expo
  • Oct 22, Holistic Living Expo
  • Nov 10, Mystic Marketplace

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