Jacqui Holland

12:45 pm: Jacqui Holland - Spirit: Overcoming Blocks to Manifest your Dreams

How do we transform and what are some of the methods and tools to help speed up the process of becoming the best version of you? We'll explore the power of the self-actualization process in terms of mental and emotional reprogramming along with the importance of authenticity.

Why do we often seem content to let our beliefs justify our perception of the world? How do we overcome the blockages that keep us from achieving our own personal definition of success.

Our spirit keynote will be led by Jacqui Faye Holland, actress turned metaphysicist and creator of Prosperiti Yoga. Her journey from Hollywood actress to spiritual leader is one that inspires - speaking simply and to the point, Jacqui provides tips on how to achieve your own fullest self. 


For more information on Jacqui, please visit https://jacquiholland.myshopify.com/