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15 Minute Angel Reading with Andrea AzuayNet

My name is Andrea Fernandez. I have been working in spiritual areas for over 17 years. Four years ago I met the angels in miraculous ways and since then I have been working with them in a close manner.

My work is helping people connect with the loving energy of the angels as a channel to solve current or past situations, in this or other lives. The Angels and I can work together, cutting cords that drag people down and opening the energy to receive the many blessings the universe has for each one of us.

I also do Reiki I have a certificate as Master in Reiki; with people and pets and can identify energy imbalances and blocks by using a divining rod.

I have an angel intuitive certificate from Doreen Virtue and I do angel readings to help people connect with the messages the angels have for each of us. I am able to identify the person's guardian angels, those angels who are with the us depending on the situation we are going through. I can see the guardian angels and can help connect the people with their angels by providing angel guidance.

And some times only when God allows, I am a channeling within the passed away people with their families or relatives. I don't call dead people but must of the time that happens spontaneously.

My name in Facebook is Angel Guidance for Life.

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