7:00 pm:  The Place - Closing Musical Performance

7:00 pm: The Place - Closing Musical Performance

The Place

The Place is a rock & roll band from Los Angeles, CA.

Band Members

Mackenzie Cregan - Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Lead Vocals;
Clayton Sewelson - Drums, Percussion, Baritone Vocal Stylings;
Bobby Victor - Organs, Pianos, Backing Vox
Zach Andrews- Bass
Paxton McMurray - Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keys, stuff
Born in a tight bright womb tomb. The oyster's pearl picked out the mouth of a pilate instructor's thin-throated cuckoo. Fighting foes with a swing and a swig. One wound string start's a-gallopin', till the birds start a-buzzin. We're gnawin' the wooden legs, gnashin' away as breakfast begins to brew. In the mornin' my sunshine is brushin' her long hair , up n down, goin' to town, blowin' a big bubble right at the hazy light bulb
2016 GOOB award for best band break-up conversation