Shiva Jivananda

Spiritual Intuitive, Metaphysical Medium, Akashic Reading Practitioner

Show special - $150- Akashic Reading + 60 min follow up Counseling Session

Many of us have experiences that leave us with the feeling like we need to know more. Often they don't fall into the realm of what we would consider ordinary or may seem ordinary but actually are carrying a deeper message. Do you wish there was someone you could talk to about it to help shed some light and understanding into these realms?  

My service is to help people with precisely that, clarity into the unknown. To take a deeper look into the ordinary and un-ordinary perspectives of life. I help provide understanding and awareness in areas and experiences that go beyond the norm. I help provide clarity and deeper explanations to what is happen in life and why. I facilitate the opening of conscious awareness, the clearing of trauma, blocks and misunderstandings from experiences that can be hard to make sense of or hard to look at. I can help align and affirm these experiences into a space of healing and harmony to help you go forward in life with a more connected feeling to love and understanding, positivity and appreciation.  

With a Counseling Session we will dive into a specific topic or area of concern. I will provide you with my intuitive interpretation and offer tools and perspective to facilitate and assist a positive shift of awareness and understanding.  

In an Akashic Reading Session we can look into the aspects of the Soul, into the energies you are carrying and the information stored within. We can see whats effecting you on this level and work to clear it to bring out a change to your physical being.  

The Akashic Library is the Living Library of the Universe. It contains the information of the Cosmos, Creation and our connection with it. Within it lives the energy of all life and time, in this dimension and every other. An Akashic Practitioner is one who can connect into this field of living energy. An Akashic Reading is a extra sensory Journey where the practitioner goes into the Akashic field with a specific intention and perceives information, energy and experiences stored within. Akashic work is very profound. There is really no limit as to what can be experienced.