Angelic Medium & Medical Intuitive

Solara Infinitum

Angelic Medium & Medical Intuitive

Solara has been helping clients make breakthroughs for over 20 years as a medium, shamanic counselor and medical intuitive. Solara has a masters in psychology from CIIS in San Francisco and is the founder of Angel Academy- a mystery school awakening 5th dimensional optimum vision and health for those ready for rapid evolution.

She was the producer of Star Gate Radio out of San Francisco and she has traveled the country teaching workshops and speaking. Her Indigenous roots come from the Hopi Anasazi background that is also mixed with her Eastern European Heritage.

Solara was born as an intuitive and medium and her gifts were exponentially increased after her multiple near death experiences. She sees and hears beyond the tangible realm into the subtle realm. She works with her team of ascended masters and angels to help raise the collective conscious to the highest thrive state possible.

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