Arthur Hamilton Message Circle

Arthur Hamilton Message Circle

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Arthur Hamilton passed away on Nov 21. Last Sunday, at a gathering of friends, we decided to hold a Message Circle on Friday, Dec 9, in Mountain View, with Medium Bridget Bertera. If you have questions for Arthur, or unfinished business, or you'd just like to enjoy an enlightening conversation with Arthur on the other side, you might wish to attend.


Talking to deceased loved ones & friendly spirits can have a healing effect in our lives. Afterlife communication can help you to reclaim your right to live fully while helping the departed spirit go on with their own journey. After talking with Arthur, we'll have time to connect with other loved ones on the other side.


The Message Circle will be Fri, Dec 9 at 7 pm, in Mountain View. There is an optional Pot Luck at 6:30.


We'll email you the address if you reply to Call Dean at 831-239-6835 if you have questions, or wish to register by phone.


Requested Donation is $25 at the door, or $20 in advance if you click the "Add to Cart" Button on this page.


Bridget Bertera, MFS, EPM, QM, P.I. #24285 is a Medium with over 25 years experience, Intellective Consultant and CA licensed Private Investigator - Dempsey Forensic Investigations. She conducts readings, séances, & intuitive consulting.


To learn more about Bridget and her work, visit:

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