Certified Holistic Life Coach

Christopher Maker

Certified Holistic Life Coach

I am a Certified Holistic Life Coach who partners with driven individuals who feel burnt out, are struggling to balance work-life issues, and need to rejuvenate their health.

A big factor in my self-value is connection, namely having a purposeful utility with and for others. I gain a great sense of purpose and fulfillment by partnering with people to improve their lives in all aspects. I have worked with people to balance hormones, overcome depression, rescind the need for medications, and work through emotional knots to name a few.

My coaching deals specifically with what I call the “Trinity of Health:” Nutrition, Movement, and Emotion. All too often we self-sabotage our health by working to the point of chronic exhaustion, skip meals and overeat processed foods, and carrying around beliefs that are not self-serving. Through assessments, foundational principles, discovery of unhealthy emotional patterns, custom wellness programs, and 1-on-1 coaching, no health goal is too insurmountable.


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