Intuitive & Mediumship Reader and Energy Healer

Garima Kapadia

Intuitive & Mediumship Reader and Energy Healer

Garima is a certified Intuitive & Mediumship Reader and an Energy Healer. Her services have enabled many clients to instantly feel emotionally light and experience a relaxed state of being. Clients feel very comfortable in opening up during the sessions as Garima holds a neutral and accepting space for them to release stress with ease. For every session, Garima’s goal is to provide validation of her client’s soul essence and offer insights to live a life in alignment with it. Many clients have vouched that her sessions emanate a high level of purity as she provides healing in a deeply loving and nurturing way.

If you’d like to take a step forward in your growth and experience limitless peace and joy in any aspect of your life - relationships, business, money, career, health, spirituality or anything else, please stop by at her booth.

Products & Services:
20 min session intuitive reading - $40
20 min session mediumship reading - $40
20 min session energy healing - $40

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