Nam Lam

Crystal Healing Spiritual Center

Nam is the founder of the Crystal Healing Spiritual Center. He is inviting people to help develop this 5 acres into a spiritual center for healing - to host yoga, meditation, chanting, drum circles, tai chi, qi gong, art classes, cooking classes, healthy living, painting, wire wrapping crystals and so forth.

You can see the sun rise and set everyday. There is a greenhouse and plenty of land to grow food. You can relax on the hammock next to the koi pond.

The outside needs volunteers to plant more fruit trees and vegetables. I'm hoping for donations of all kinds for yard work and gardening. This Center will provide free food and free healing to everyone who stops by.

I have a 3 car garage that I would like to turn into a tool library. So If you have tools that you are not using please consider donating them here. Not everyone has space to house tools. It can be anything from camping/hiking gear, music instruments, power tools, hand tools, tools for cars, and lawn equipment just to name a few. People can come by to borrow the tools and return them when done.

We live in one home and it is called earth. We all need to learn to share. Greed and war is a problem in our home and sharing is a solution.

P.S. I’m also looking for a roommate to help with me with the mortgage.

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