Nam Lam

Crystal Healing Spiritual Center

Nam is the founder of the Crystal Healing Spiritual Center. He is inviting people to help develop the center for healing weekend events, yoga classes, meditation, chanting, drum circles, art classes, cooking classes, baking, healthy living, painting, wire wrapping crystals and so forth.

The Crystal Healing Spiritual Center is currently on 5 acres of land with a beautiful view of the Sunrise and Sunset. We are growing food in the green house. The center is providing free healing through multiple modalities such as fresh organic foods, sound healing, meditation, relaxation, gardening, much more. People will be empowered to create the reality of their dreams and live in a way that is harmonious with the planet.

There will be many workshops here to teach people various things and give them skills necessary to achieve their dreams. If you have something to share or teach you will be allowed you to use the space. I am actively looking for donations and volunteers to help with various projects. Please let me know if you are interested.

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