Alex Treglazoff

Chakra Selenite Necklace handwrapped by Sam from Alex Treglazoff's shop Wings & Things

Chakra Selenite Gemstone Necklace Angel Crystal (About 2"-3") on Ribbon 18" Necklace. CHAKRA Balancing/ Gemstone Necklace
Keywords: Mental Clarity, Psychic, Angels

"Selenite is a stone of mental clarity. This clarity enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision making abilities. It can affect every day life as full mental clarity into play to lesson confusion and mental disorientation.

Selenite is also a stone of truth and honesty. This promotes good business practices as well as honesty in other types of relationships.

Selenite is associated with the moon it is named for. This brings associations and energies of the unconscious, instinct, subconscious, and emotional well-being. The moon association also brings water energy to the fore, creating the flexibility and intuition.

Though Selenite is associated with the moon, it is also a sweet angel stone. It is used for contacting and communicating with angels for guidance. It can also be used for finding and working with other spirit guides."

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