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Dean Price, the producer of the New Earth Expo, and the Holistic Living Expo, has produced over 1000 events since the 1980's. At virtually every show, he sees exhibitors working with clients and customers all day long, often making thousands of dollars in a single day, right next to others getting almost no results at all. Watch this video and learn what makes the difference.

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We've been producing between 20 to 40 events per year for over three decades. We do holistic and metaphysical expos up and down California.


Mountain View, CA


Dean Price
831-239-6835 (call me)

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Buy 2 booths, get 5% OFF, Buy 4 booths, get 10% OFF, Buy 5 booths, get 1 FREE.

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Dean's Events

Want to come to more events? We do events up and down California. Expand this section to view our event calendar for this year.

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All lectures are FREE with general admission unless they are marked otherwise. We have two lecture rooms and 30+ lectures. Click the button below to expand this section and view the full lecture schedule.

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