Donna Hale

Hypnosis and Weight Loss

NBC Dateline's "Ultimate Diet Challenge" tested today's most popular diets & concluded Hypnosis is the most powerful tool for Long-term Weight Loss!  University studies have found that people using hypnosis were able to lose, on average, almost 2.5 times as much weight as those not using hypnosis. Further, studies found that the benefit of hypnosis increased over time.

What if you could stop those mysterious saboteurs that create cravings you just cannot control;that leave you feeling doomed to failure, no matter what eating strategy your try?

Learn the secrets of Hypnosis and how it  will put YOU in control, end the cravings and binge eating, and make you love to exercise.

Hypnosis is fun and will put YOU IN CONTROL effortlessly and automatically. Donna Hale, voted "Marin County's Most Trusted Hypnotherapist", Pac Sun and Hypnotist to the Stars has helped thousands lose weight and keep it off.

 End Cravings & Self Sabotage.

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