Find Perfect Well-Being with Flower Essences

taught by founder Lila Devi since 1977

Are you carrying around a lot of unnecessary baggage, like most people, that's preventing you from living in your highest potential? Flower essences stimulate our existing positive qualities. The more we choose to see our ability to overcome any difficulty, the stronger we become. Our thoughts have power. Those thoughts can reinforce our innate goodness. Learn about the oldest US flower essences from the founder, and how they can help you - quickly, safely, and inexpensively.

Lila lectures nationally and abroad. She has authored 4 books: The Essential Flower Essence Handbook (in 6 languages) and Flower Essences for Animals (English and Japanese)—the texts for the internationally acclaimed SiNE Home Study Courses; Bradley Banana and the Jolly Good Pirate, the first in a series of 20 children’s picture books, each personifyng a flower essence as a child; and a spiritual memoir entitled From Bagels to Curry about a Jewish yogi’s journey from a traditional religion to a spiritual community. Lila graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology and a secondary teaching certificate, and is considered one of the foremost flower essence developers in the world today.

You may want to give yourself, and your loved ones and clients, the gift of Spirit-in-Nature for the holidays. And treat yourself to this entertaining and helpful class where you'll hear a song by Lila - and will get to experience being sprayed with our Pear Essence for peacefulness!