Handmade Crystal Jewelry by Crystal Healers - Siri and Hari Darshan

Free Chakras for Charity Bracelet from Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations

The Chakras for Charity Bracelet helps to remove blocks from all of the chakras, and $5 of every sale of these bracelets goes to charity. This month, the charity is the ACLU for human rights! 

Hailing originally from the Midwest, the creators of Lighthouse Crystals & Cosmic Creations took their passion for crystals and jewelry and infused it together to create one of a kind handmade pieces as well as their signature chakra manifestation bracelets of which a portion of the proceeds gets donated to charity. Siri and Hari Darshan enjoy sharing their extensive knowledge of crystal studies for over 20 years with their clients and educating them on the properties and best uses for their crystals and crystal jewelry. As Crystal Healers, Teachers and certified in various areas of health and wellness, The Darshans enjoy sharing their holistic health knowledge and products with customers all over the world. They believe strongly that any individual can benefit from crystals and their vibration. It brings them both great joy to be a part of one's journey and to help guide one along their path in life.  www.lighthousecrystals.com