Playful Loving Fun with Fairies

Ginger Moyer

Find out who and what the fairies (fae) are, the origins of the word Fairy, what do faeries look like, do they have egos, the relationship of faries with animals. And we may even touch on Unicorns, Menehune, Gnomes, Elves, Rock people, Incarnated elementals, and air, water, and fire elementals.

Ginger Moyer is a Fairyologist, Angel therapist and Intuitive, Angel card reader, Chakra Energy Healer, Past-Life Regressionist, Manifesting Coach, & Mindfulness/Life Coach.

"I have had several life experiences that have drawn me to this career path. I became a therapist because I wanted to help others to have a better life, but after getting my dergree and working I decided I don't want to fix people I want to help people. Then my journey to realizing I was an Empath and a lightworker began. I am so happy to be able to use my gifts to help others transform their lives in a positive manner. I am a single mother of 3.

I offer services that empower my clients with tools for success. During my coaching sessions, no matter if it’s Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, or Life Coaching, I always provide personalized attention to help each coachee identify their personal values, strengths, and abilities in support of their personal and professional goals. Get in touch and I’ll teach you the tools for success."