Harmony: Our Uncommon Common Sense!

Harmony: Our Uncommon Common Sense!

Kerri Lake

Tools For An Awakening World connect your awareness with your body and help you navigate the outside world without absorbing the energy and frequencies of others. For thousands of years humanity has been searching and seeking our true nature - we've found it! We are more than our bodies, beyond the physical realms, ascending into the 5th dimension and beyond! The way to accelerate the healing and regeneration at every level of consciousness is to integrate these higher levels into, through and as our physical expression. Experience the sensation in your body of your own Presence, already harmonized with all of life. This is what raises the vibration for the whole.

Come by to receive an introduction to Generation Of Harmony and Tools For An Awakening World. Schedule a 25 minute session during the Expo, and put yourself on the calendar for a full session, in-person or online.

Learn how listening without judgment offers insight into communication and relationships without conflict. Pick up a copy of my book, Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Judgment to support your enjoyment of relationships in all aspects of life.