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Whole Body Wellness Inventory

Quantum Biofeedback Digit Scan (Used at the Olympics)

Less time, Accurate, Great Results!


Discover your body's unique needs, neutralize Hidden Stressor's and balance over 10,000 elements to Peak Health.  Time tested for more than 20 years, Quantum Biofeedback offers you a way to have more control over your health, helping you to see imbalances and pre-empt illnesses before that can arise.  Treatments accelerate healing.


In just three minutes, a complete analysis and #D display is presented showing images of your top risks, stressors and organ health.


When it comes to protecting your health and having the extra edge, Quantum Biofeedback can dete4ct 10,000 parameters of the human and animal body with an astounding clinical accuracy!


Everyone is pressed for time and in need of instant answers.  Your 'Healthprint' provides a snapshot in realtime of imbalances in hormones, digestion, neurological function, neurotransmitter values, spine alignment and nutrition in just minutes.  No need to wait fo the results or visit number labs.  Everything you need is right here, right now!


With the HealthPrint you can detect pathology in the organs by measuring the relative health of the electrical frequency and output of them.  This sophisticated form of bio-resonance testing can often reveal disease patterns before symptoms manifest. More time and early detection equals greater treatment success.


Energy balancing treatments can remedy immediate corrections, relieve pain and suffering.

  "With the pressures of leading a World Summit and the pressure of the press present, I was struck with nausea and weakness.  I had to get my energy back.  After your 'remote' work, not only did my symptoms disappear, but I was able to sit down for our Celebration dinner."  M. Larned, Stone Soup Foundation.