Highly Perceptive People - an  Introduction .

Highly Perceptive People - an Introduction .

Tiffany Cano

Do you want to feel more loved, heard, seen & understood?

Are you ready to receive deeper healing, be less guarded, and let your true self shine?

Whether you are a perceptive person or you are dealing with a loved one, co-worker or friend who is sensitive, these tools will help you!

Receive the following benefits and discoveries:
* Deep & profound healing that will have you feeling even more LOVED, SEEN, HEARD & UNDERSTOOD!

* Uncovering & revealing yourself, while taking down the conscious & subconscious guards and being able to feel SAFE.

* Learn how to consistently TRUST your intuition.

* Increase access to LOVE, PEACE & ACCEPTANCE of yourself & others.

* The ability to stop being TRIGGERED by other people and recover much faster.

* The skills to DISCERN other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions from your own.

* Experience abundance in RECEIVING money, love & joy.

* Feel physically & psychologically SAFE in negative, unhealthy, previously traumatic environments.
Deeper HEALING so you have even greater access to You!

Join me for this profound, highly experiential 1.5 hour workshop!