Holistic Regenesis®, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, CHT

Joe Sturgeon

Holistic Regenesis®, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, CHT

Providing life-force energy which the body’s innate intelligence directs to those areas of the physical, mental, and/or emotional bodies that need it most.

Edward Joseph Sturgeon AKA Joe, I was born and raised in the Sacramento, calif. area. I am a husband, father and grandfather.

I am passionate about Mother Earth and the Well being of Animals.

I enjoy the Great out doors and my roots are Native American and Dutch Dane.

I have over 50 years of life lessons and knowledge to share, to include overcoming addiction, and a near death experience. During a quest for knowledge of my higher purpose I received an experience and enlightenment a vision, I will call a Light awakening to my higher purpose, as this was to help others on there journey to healing as I could relate to there suffering as I have had my own travailing… thru this process of understanding I have spent the last 12 years of my life educating myself to better serve you,my clients.

I have spent time serving the homeless and others in need including taking in foster children to include 6 step children. I am a compassionate listener with a loving and understanding heart.

I help others so that they may achieve happiness and joy in there lives helping others to awaken to there true purpose and potential offering a place of peace and hope for a brighter future, and optimum health, without our health there is not much chance for a successful life, my goal is to empower you to guide you on your path to health and well being.

My wife Sundi has been my support system and I have been hers, we work together to help others or individually.

I look forward to serving you, I am most grateful to be able to serve, as this is my higher purpose. Thank you!



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