How to Help Earthbound Spirits Cross Over

How to Help Earthbound Spirits Cross Over

Debra Zachau

Divine Stinkers. I'd like a show of hands. Who reading this is NOT bothered by negative and intrusive thoughts that seem to come out of the blue and instantly make you feel crappy about yourself?

Huh, hum ok, wow, so EVERYONE reading this is struggling with intrusive thoughts that suck the good out of your day? Understanding the fact that not every thought you have is your own will instantly create space between you and the remorse, shame and all around self-loathing that seems to haunt us.

I have discovered a technique on how to deal with these stinker bombs of negative thought by understanding where they're coming from. That's right, many times they come from the outside of you… not the inside!

In this talk I will give you the information you need to deal with these outside influences and send them on their way freeing you up to live your Divine path Stinker free.