Knowing When to Take the Risks that Count

Knowing When to Take the Risks that Count

Donna Hale

Donna Hale, MA,CBT,CHT a psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Medium, will talk about her work with clients who have come to her for help with peace of mind and resolution. Grounded in Psychology, Donna brings therapeutic skills to help bridge ‘the visible with the invisible’, with those of us in the here and now, many times mediating between loved ones here and beloveds on the other side.

As an ‘Expert Intuitive’, Donna has worked with Stanford Research Lab to reveal the ‘hidden’, the intangible, using Kirlian Photography to ‘capture’ evidence of spirit, photograph energetic transmission from healers’ hands, her photography has shown what actually occurs during a healing session.

She has conducted thousands of past life regressions. Leading International Retreats and Travel to Power Places, Donna has helped '‘explorers’ to directly access information from Sacred Sites. Ultimately, Donna likes to help people experience the Spiritual World that flows around us, through us, and to us.

During these times of such great change, she would like people to realize change is not something to be feared. The Spiritual World is available to us, is good, and never-ending. Your loved ones are always available to guide you, inform you, protect you, and love you. For more info, call 415.408.8839