Life Coach - Helping you to Answer Your True Calling

Mitesh Kapadia

Life Coach - Helping you to Answer Your True Calling

I'm always curious about the hidden Truths of the Universe, and came to realize that healing our Inner world is the ONLY way to correct what we experience on the outside.

As I underwent the journey inwards, there were many hidden fears, insecurities and misconceptions that came to the surface. For some years I ran away from these "untouchables", mistakenly thinking that they would disappear on their own. However, it was soon apparent that the more I resisted facing these blocks, the more I found them appearing in my life circumstances over and over again. One day, I stopped running and learned to accept as well as to let go of these obstacles on my inner path.

I wish to share with you the lessons, the beauty and the healing that is available to all of us. Reclaim your power, and direct it towards the only place that matters - your Truth!

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