Life Coach, Holistic Healer, Psychic Investigator - Choose the Life You Desire

Sharon Roe

Life Coach, Holistic Healer, Psychic Investigator - Choose the Life You Desire

Life is all about choices. Should we get coaching, healing and help to compliment our life jorney? I say a resounding YES! Choose the life you desire.

To choose the life you desire there are at least four points of criteria to the healing process. Present Life Healing, which includes;
1. DNA Healing with the spinal cord and brain
2. Generational Healing of this life and the family origins as far back as needed.
3. Past Life Regression
4. Understanding how everything you have expereinced in past lives and this present life has prepared you for your Life purpose.

This what I specialize in along with speaking with loved ones on the other side, in the process to bring healing and relief to all on the soul level. Once the healing process is in place we, together, can go forward with Life Coaching to surmise all experiences and prepare you on you life Journey. I call this Life Journey Consulting.

To support you in all aspects of life and guide you toward your BLISS in personal fulfillment of all aspects of life. Love of self and others, relationships and choosing your life's passion! Work that is not work at all, because you are exhilerated living your BLISS!

But, how can you bring life into fulfillment and divine peace if your home is not a place of peace and rest, your Sacred Space? This is where I come into your home as a Psychic Investigator personally, to speak with each individual and animal in the home, along with the trees, to get a history of your home, who lived in it and who is still there in spirit. Then I lovingly help all pass on to the light to be healed. If there are any malevalent creatures, I will deal with them also and command then to leave with the help of the ArchAngels.