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Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Dean Price

During 2017, Mercury is Retrograde four times (Dec 19, 2016 to Jan 8, 2017, April 9 - May 3 , Aug 12 - Sept 5, and Dec 3 - 22), & for many people, the thought of 3 weeks of crashing computers, poor communication, broken promises, & canceled contracts may be too much to bear. But what does this recurring astrological illusion really mean, & how can we make the best use of this time?

Mercury represents communication. As you can see in the diagram at, the planets mirror the chakras, in the same order. in the heavens as in your body. Mercury is the Throat Chakra - the voice, words and sound. It is the law of attraction - how we speak things into manifestation.

Mercury circles around the Sun in a forward direction every 88 days. It never actually reverses it's direction, but from the perspective of the Earth, it appears to move backwards as it moves through the part of the circle in between the Sun and the Earth.

If we look at the numerical order of the celestial bodies in our Solar System, Sun is 1, Mercury 2, Venus 3, Earth (and Moon) 4, etc. The number 2 (Mercury) creates polarity, communication between two beings, the connecting of opposites. Opposites attract, thus words and sound (Mercury) are the foundation of the law of attraction.

A good metaphor for Mercury is a pencil. When we communicate, whether writing, speaking, singing, chanting, . . . , we are writing the script for the manifestation of our physical experience. (Earth = 4, or 2 x 2). Affirmation, prayer, mantra, etc, are examples of using this principle to create our experience with conscious intention.

Some of those manifestations, however, may not be to our liking, particularly when generated unconsciously by complaining, criticism, argument, habitually describing negative experiences or expectations, etc.

Fortunately, Mercury Retrograde allows us to turn the pencil around and use the eraser for a few weeks, as we go back over places that Mercury has been in the past, reversing thought forms created through previously-uttered words.

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