Medical Intuition for Restoring Balance

Jennifer Morrison

Join Jennifer Morrison as she shares wisdom about how to access and heal your body's energetic blueprint, leading to improved health, increased vitality and abundance in many aspects of your life. Did you know that you are what you think? Your physical body is directly impacted by the thoughts you think.
Do you know your body, your emotions, your belief systems, your reoccurring thoughts? Connecting with this allows you to conscious change your life. What are some ways you can “think” against your body? - Everyone in my family gets Diabetics. That’s just the way my body is since I’m old. I’m tired every time I wake up. Making sweeping statements put your body’s natural rhythm in arrest, obeying your every word. So use those words mindfully.

Whether you are personally experiencing imbalances in your health or know someone who is in a health crisis, this lecture provides tips for using your personal intuition to hone in on the root cause of dis-ease. You will have an opportunity to try out some of these techniques during the lecture.

Bring your friends and family. Learn ways to let go of old patterns and step into a space of healing. Take time beforehand to write down all the ways you want to Spirit help you heal. What do you want to feel? Flexible? Strong? Well-Rested? Peaceful? Come well fed and hydrated – ready to play and to receive!