"Money Magnet"  A Remote Healing Program using Quantum Biofeedback

Donna Hale

"Money Magnet" A Remote Healing Program using Quantum Biofeedback

We are each magnets to our thoughts and these thoughts create emotions that sends a signal to the Universe saying “I want this”. Messages from THE SECRET suggests that you   “will then draw forth from the heavens manifestations to experience here on earth!”BUT WHAT HAPPENS...IF NOTHING COMES BACK? OR, if what returns is not to our liking? What’s wrong? We wonder, “If I could just put my finger on it.”

Do you sometimes wish you had a crystal ball to see what is being hidden from you? What may be obstacles, energetic blocks, or unconscious resistance to change is often hidden.  This powerful remote healing program. 

Quantum Biofeedback can suddenly shift and alter a human’s energy field. Acting like A ‘Tibetan Prayer Wheel” or constantly generated set of prayers to help shift consciousness , This program dissolves hidden, unconscious blockages to the natural flow of life, which is 'abundance', 'prosperity', 'wealth'. 


Weekly Program run on Tuesdays:

What Clients report:

Complete release of worry about money

Clearing of Past Life karma affecting your abundance now

Release of Unconscious Resistance to Abundance

Creating new Nueropathways, new effortless affirmative ways of thinking

Release of Emotional conflicts, old thought forms

You will experience:

A knowingness that everything will be ok

Setting the ‘field’ of energy around you into one of positive acceptance, causing

Random money flowing in

Money owed may come back to you

Increase in business income

Affirmations will be sent to you before the program is run for you to hold 'in mind'.


Renew and reset your intention for the abundance to flow to and through you, for the greater good.

You may not see, smell or hear, but just get a sense of something lifting, of something that had changed or happened.

Notice that the right people, the right resources, the right breaks and the right circumstances just magically appear in your life without any prompting or effort from you.

The healing is completely safe, painless, subtle and without side-effects.

100% remote. All healing treatments are delivered to you remotely.


To register, please :

Send: Your full name, date of birth, where and time (if you know), current location, email as a file attachment to: [email protected]