Dan Howard

Namanaliri - Freedom, Friendship, Co-Creation

NamanaLiri™ was founded by Dan Howard, along with a small group of like-minded folks, to provide a pragmatic and constructive model for living. Encompassed in the three words, Freedom, Friendship and Co-creation, our paradigm sees the entire universe as an alive, responsive, engaging place filled with potential and possibility for co-creation.

We have laughingly referred to ourselves as a ragtag bunch of entrepreneurs who have come together, found a place to land, and are learning to co-create a way through the challenges that face our world. We bring an intent to live relationships, business and LIFE with transparency and great gratitude.

NamanaLiri™ is a company that is dynamic, open and filled with the potential for co-creation with all of us. We resonate with the values of Sacred Commerce and encourage your participation as we build something joyful, new and soul-fulfilling.