Susan Schueler

Psychic Fun and Games Audience Readings

Join gifted certified psychic medium Susan Schueler for healing mediumship readings and lively psychic fun. Not only will Susan do audience mediumship readings, but she will also be playing psychic games, doing blind readings, and answering the audience's personal psychic questions. (So bring personal questions to ask.)

As featured on CBS Radio, iHeart Radio, CNN, OMTimes Radio and ABC News, Susan has also recently won The Best American Psychics  "2017 Awesome Accolades Award."  She does readings all over the world, has two weekly radio shows and is a certified psychic medium with Lisa Williams.   Susan is also a member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory and The Certified Psychic Directory.  Susan was a high school teacher for almost 25 years and is very upbeat and entertaining, so come prepared to laugh.