Rev. Carlos Delgado (Bhavesh)

Reiki Master, Writer, Motivator, Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Therapist

Co-founder of "Terra Angels" Institute of Holistic Medicine and Self-Improvement Co-Founder of "Terra Angels"a non-profit organization that promotes Children's Art, healing and Classes for Self Improvement.

Carlos (Bhavesh) has, from a very young age, a natural and innate sensitivity for helping people. Through his beloved Aunt Celia, he learned the teachings of Master St Germán, and without knowing why, he was always attracted to the photography of the illuminated master. At a very young age, he found the book of the illustrious teacher Khalil Gibran that would change his life; from that moment he started a spiritual life, and became a scholar of sacred science.

He is reunited with his Master and Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, and, after studying his teachings, he started in Kriya Yoga in 2005. Later he studied the Superior Healing and Reiki, becoming a brilliant healer. His skills as an expositor place him as a relevant motivator. His great altruism and consideration for every human being who approaches his life, what makes a sense of divine love in all its manifestation.

His soul as a child, pure and mischievous, is evident in all areas of his lifetime. Singer, author of spiritual themes, focused on the awakening of consciousness towards a world full of harmony and love. When he channeled the healing angels, his hands radiate a great relief for those who receive their healing energy. Always willing to serve everyone who needs it. Authorized guide from John of God in Brazil.

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