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Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing.

Michael Bertera

Remote viewing is the ability to transcend time & space & gather 'remote' information using more than the normal or known six senses. When using the military method (CRV), it is an art form that takes the raw nugget of human psychic ability, & moulds it & improves it using scientifically created protocols & structured methods.

The method acts to filter the psychic data gathered during the remote viewing session, sorting the noise from the raw powerful 'real' impressions. The protocols create a scientific environment, allowing you to evaluate what data is real, & how accurate, & to be sure that actual psychic information was the only thing in effect.

Michael has 40 years experience with elite government intelligence, including in the CIA & other agencies, Mr. Bertera knows the ins & outs of government, & has held a top Government, Business; Finance; Insurance Supervisor/ Consultant/ Investigative Positions.

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