Secrets of the Afterlife & Spirit Communication

Secrets of the Afterlife & Spirit Communication

Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

Join Karen in this provocative and entertaining event as she shares answers to commonly, and uncommonly, asked questions about the afterlife.  Karen will share her direct experience with the afterlife based on her work with thousands of clients as a psychic-medium and psychotherapist.  

She will also share the science behind psychic and mediumship ability.  Karen will conduct mini psychic and medium readings for some participants by connecting with the afterlife and Divine guidance, as well as by using her telepathy skills.

Karen has worked in the field of human development and educated hundreds of thousands for over twenty-five years as a psychotherapist, psychic-medium and executive coach to Fortune 500 companies.  She has appeared on ABC, CBS, and NBC and has been a morning regular on FM morning radio where she helps listeners find clarity in love, work and life.  

Storsteen is recognized by Mensa The High IQ Society, higher education, executives, the media, the Crime Wire Bureau of Investigation, and Citizens Against Homicide (to name a few).  She has a Master of Arts in Psychology, Master of Science in Business Management and Master’s Minor in Finance.

Click on the link below to see her interview at The University of Denver about how psychic ability and mediumship work.

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