Grace Mukta - Swami Ma Muktananda

Reiki & Yoga Master, Médium, Shaman, Spiritual Counseling

Grace Mukta is a Master Reiki Master, Yoga Master, Médium, Shaman, Spiritual Counseling, She combines Reiki with Sound Healing and Shamanic Divine Practices. She individualizes each session for you and your personal needs. Sound healing may consist of using Tibetan bowls, is used to enhance the session, by relaxing in the beginning and rejuvenating and grounding at the end of the session. The combination is a powerfully impactful session that allows more healing and balance.

Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Meditation can counter balance the stress, bringing our minds and bodies back to optimal health. Reiki and Sound Healing release energy blockages, relieve pain, decrease stress, awaken your inner healer, improve clarity, and increase energy. Meditation has many benefits such as releasing stress, increasing productivity, intuition, and in combination with Sacred Shamanic created a powerful release...Body



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