SCIO & AmpCoil - Tesla-based Pulsed EMF Therapy

SCIO & AmpCoil - Tesla-based Pulsed EMF Therapy

Donna Hale

Come learn about two of the top Bio Resonance Technologies available today - the AmpCoil & Quantum SCIO.  Used in medical offices, at the Olympics, in corporations and NASA.

Quantum SCIO:  If you have a 'mystery' health issue, or wonder if you have adequate nutrients in your body, you are invited to have a Quantum Biofeedback Health Analysis, providing you a read out of your nutrition, your immediate health priorities, and missing links to your health.

Reports and testing available:   Nutrition, Digestion, Hormones, Toxins, Organ Health

AmpCoil: Neutralize microbes, metals and toxins using a Tesla-based PEMF delivery system and a powerful app, BetterGuide, and get your life back.

The AmpCoil combines the right technology to cleanse the body and support nutrition and organ systems on a cellular level.

AmpCoil is a modern wellness tool, combining a powerful PEMF delivery system and an app, called 'BetterGuide'. 

BetterGuide utilizes voice analysis biofeedback to determine the customized tones your body is asking for, then plays these frequencies back into the body, emitting them deep into the cells. The result is that the human biology quickly begins to return to the balanced and harmonized state that nature intended. 

Safe. Simple. Made for everyone  AmpCoil is made for home use for the entire family whatever the age with no adverse side effects, pills or waiting times. This system takes absolutely no effort other than turning it on.