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Spirit-in-Nature Essences: Flower Remedies since 1977

Can we help you take really good care of yourself?

Spirit-in-Nature Essences is the oldest flower essence line globally outside the UK where flower essences first began. These herbal infusions work by stimulating our positive qualities. The 20 essences - prepared from the blossoms of fruit trees and vegetable plants - are based on the wisdom of the renowned world teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda, and his listing of the psycho-spiritual interpretations of certain foods.

Our worldwide distribution spans decades on every continent with growing success, loyal customers, and a fine international reputation for educational material, quality products, and customer service. We are committed to ongoing research, analysis, case histories, and direct testimonials. We offer 4 decades of dedicated care to people of all ages, pets, animals, and also plants.

Please come to our booth and introduce yourself to our company founder, Lila Devi. HUGELY discounted mini-consults available ($10 for 10-15 minutes, regularly $125/hr.) to learn exactly which flower essences can help you. Full kits of 20 essences on sale at 25% off. Booksignings for Lila's 4 books - great holiday gifts!

Our wish for you is: perfect well-being.

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