Elzbieta Ruczkowska

Subtle Energy Healing, Aura Reading & Painting

Elzbieta is clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She was born with the gift of synesthesia, meaning she perceives things like emotions, physical pain or numbers as colors; She communicates with your Spiritual Guides and your physical body to determine healing needs. In the last 25 years she has been trained in many energy balancing techniques, and holds a BA in Fine Arts.  

She chose to work with client's electromagnetic fields and emotions. Her favorite tool is a technique called the "BARS", and she often adds different techniques into the session. 

1) The BARS technique - By working with subtle energy, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, “Bars" is breaking the unhealthy patterns in your life, and the feeling of being “stuck.” It is fantastic for healing anxiety, insomnia, depression, overwhelm, stress and more.  

2) Aura reading and painting - Elzbieta will see, draw, read and explain to you the colors in your subtle energy field.  

3) Date coded in colors  - By matching number vibration with particular color vibrations, Elzbieta created a unique technique of personalized art, creating paintings as determined by the day, month, and year of a person’s birth (or other important date).    


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