Navigate through Life with Confidence

Marianne Anderson

Navigate through Life with Confidence

At the age of 5, I had a near-death experience. As a result, my psychic centers were opened and I will "see" and "feel" many things from the invisible realm. I have also studied psychology, A Course in Miracles, the Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) materials, NLP, and many other educational training programs. 

Along with a natural psychic gift, the training helps me understand how to explain what I'm seeing and feeling in such a way that the information is relevant and useful in the present and near-future.    

I offer you a unique blend of solid psychology, intuitive skills and deep compassion for your concerns. You are safe to express your feelings. There is no judgment. I am here just for you. You will end the session feeling better than you began. I help you understand what you have to deal with and how to meet life confidently.

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