The Chakras: Healing the Heart Center

Sarah Astarte, Ph.D.

The chakras are electromagnetic centers on the body. The heart chakra is the center where we give and receive love. When the heart center is blocked we close our emotional selves and become disconnected from others. Opening this center allows us to be in fulfilling relationship with ourselves, others, and the Divine! Come learn about the heart chakra and receive healing energy work as part of this new speaker series!

Bio: Intuitive counseling is counseling utilizing contemporary skills, and includes the use of one’s intuitive abilities to receive information from multiple sources, such as insights, energy reading, spirit guides, ancestors, and the Divine. My practice also includes Goddess psychology, creative expression, dream work, Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, intuitive readings, and shamanic healing practices. I am a certified reiki practitioner, initiated shamanic healer, and priestess of the Divine Feminine.

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