Spiritual Order Recovers a Spiritual Artifact

Spiritual Order Recovers a Spiritual Artifact

The Spiritual Hobo

A mystic has found it… that shouldn’t surprise you” –NOFM-

Many people worked on deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs over several hundreds of years until one man named Jean-François Champollion finally deciphered them in 1822. Fast forward to 2017 and, now an obscure spiritual order named NOFM claims to have succeeded in comprehending the supreme meaning of human existence by deciphering various texts that are written in code and converting them into normal language. “We have de-spelled spelling”, NOFM claims.

“Word origins are archeological treasure troves of sacred knowledge. The supreme truth about being human was once very widely known but was intentionally covered-up and hidden from the general population thousands of years ago. Artifacts of this supreme truth are hidden in human language and were quite easily recoverable. A thin surface of slang has acted magnificently as a veil, up until now. The fact that a supreme truth about being human is embedded into human language proves that it indeed does exist and, mankind once knew it! NOFM used human linguistics and ancient art to decrypt The Supreme Truth. It’s in everything. It is in language, art and architecture. It is embedded and etched into megalithic tons of ancient monuments and written into a plethora of significant texts such as the Bible, the Tora and the Koran. Once you see it, you see it everywhere and, more astonishingly, you are even able to see it clearly in the three main palm-lines of every human hand. 

The Supreme Truth is incredibly self-validating, as it should be” –NOFM-. 

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Public Property Lost & Found “A mystic has found it… that shouldn’t surprise you” –NOFM-
The Lost Science Recovered - Reinstatement of the Sacred Science

A Monk of NOFM will unveil the Order’s recent recoveries in the field of Spirituality @ at an event in Sacramento. 

The Spiritual Hobo; Monk of NOFM, will be sharing The Order’s recent revelations during a speech (12-12:30pm) at The Sacramento Mystic Marketplace, Sunday, December 10th @ Crowne Plaza 5321 Date Avenue in Sacramento, California USA. This is a very rare opportunity for everyone to hear firsthand news about a plethora of priceless recoveries that were recently made by the monk that some are now calling “The Indiana Jones of Spirituality”. 

We have solved the mysteries of Cartomacy, Tarot Cards and Numerology, decoded the Bible, cracked the age-old riddles of Jack & Jill and Humpty Dumpty, decrypted The Dendera Tablets which are in the Louvre Museum in Paris, decoded the Tanit Stella which is in the British Museum in London, recovered the true science of the Palm Lines in everyone’s hands and, on a more local note, deciphered the meaning behind San Francisco’s Esoteric Infrastructure. There is more! NOFM has found the Master’s Key! We are unlocking every age-old mystery and, have found the antidote to modern man’s main malady. We understand that our statements are shocking but we are successful in backing them up whenever we are questioned about them by peers. This statement is a Public Notification and not an advertisement of any kind at all. We are simply stating fact to the public and inviting scrutiny of our claims. –NOFM-

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