The Tarot Mysteries

Bevan Atkinson

The Tarot Mysteries

If you’ve ever had a tarot card reading, or even if you haven’t, Bevan Atkinson’s Tarot Mystery series is a fascinating and engaging journey into the Royal Road that is the tarot. 

Bevan’s signed books will be on sale at her booth; she’s offering free 1 card Tarot readings, and is raffling off a free copy of the first book in the series, "The Fool Card.”   Attendees will also be able to get a free electronic version of her first book, as well as special book pricing for this event.

"These are good, fast reads, very smart and very funny in places. I recommend them for anyone who’s into mysteries, snappy dialogue, and local color. Also, for anyone curious about what the Tarot is.”   —Joan Kraus


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